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Tomorrow is Batman Day!

I posted something yesterday (I believe so?) stating that tomorrow is Batman Day!

Tomorrow select comic shops will be giving away the Detective Comics #75 for FREE.

Also, on Saturday check to see if a library near you will be hosting a Batman Day. Most celebrations will include giveaways, and tons of fun!

Check it out! 

You can find details on DC’s official website and it will list areas near you that will host the celebration! :)

Have fun!



You know how in a lot of media with strong women there’s a tendency to have them use “ladies” or other women-gendered words as insults. (Think Jane Lynch’s character in Wreck it Ralph or Ripley’s “get your hands off of her you bitch” line in Aliens.) Like they’re willing to show a kick ass lady character, but they have to establish that she’s more of an exception than the rule by having her put down other women…

Yeah, Marston doesn’t go in for that sort of thing.

First noteWonder Woman #8 is one of my favorite issues of all time!

Second note: Little examples like this show why Marston’s feminism is DOPE. The dominant mode of feminism (in the US at least) uses a framework that measures women’s status by setting men as the norm. This means sweeping away or ignoring a lot of qualities/traits that women possess (it also means in turn that women’s traits are seen as weaknesses, which is why Jane Lynch’s character can use “ladies” as an insult but still be lauded as a ‘strong female character’). But Marston’s like, “Nope. Those are all good things” and then proceeds to subvert gender roles by empowering women without defining them vis à vis men. Gah it’s sooo good!

Third note: I’m definitely in that avalanche of Atlantean girls (and if you follow this tumblr, chances are that you are too! *wiggles eyebrows*)


- Batman ‘66 meets the Green Hornet 01

What you need to know about this series is that Bruce is the chairman, board member, founder, charity-giver or whathaveyou of practically everything in Gotham. That means there’s a lot of instances Bruce can check out what’s going on without Batman being involved.

Also, notice that it’s more important to Bruce that Dick goes on a date than fight crime here.

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